Available courses

An Acute Frailty Network (AFN) 'virtual study day'. This series of lectures, aimed at primary and secondary care practitioners, explores the frailty journey from early recognition to end of life.

Using staff and patient experience to understand and improve services.

This module will examine the many ways in which social media can be used to enhance the experiences of staff and patients.

It will highlight how it has been employed successfully across the NHS and share tips and tricks to enable participants to maximise the impact of the many tools that are available.

Users will also look at how social media could be applied in their area of work and take practical steps towards delivering this potential.

Do you need to write a marketing plan for your NHS service and don't know where to start?

This online course complements our one day course we run every March and September with a Chartered Institute of Marketing tutor. We will use quizzes, videos and exercises. If you complete each section, you will be writing your marketing plan as you go along.
You can also ask us questions and request feedback on what you have written at each section.

This  guide will help you work through the seven steps to measurement for improvement, and allow you to apply these principles to your own improvement projects. 

The seven steps were designed to provide a structure through which you can effectively use measurement to drive improvement. Measurement is an essential part of any quality improvement project, as it allows us to know whether our changes are resulting in improvements.

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This introduction to quality improvement (QI) will provide you with the fundamentals of QI so that you can begin to consider improvements in your area for the benefit of service users and staff.

This course contains six modules, as well as a short multiple choice quiz to test your learning:

Module 1: Introduction and Model for Improvement
Module 2: Setting your aim
Module 3: Measuring changes
Module 4: Identifying potential changes
Module 5: Testing changes
Module 6: Involving service users

A 6 module course exploring the Model for Improvement and how we can apply it in healthcare.   

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This on-line learning module will introduce you to mentoring. You may have just been asked to start supporting people as a mentor and be looking for some guidance, tips and tricks, or you may be someone with experience who is looking to refresh their understanding.

Either way, the learning process is straightforward with a series of bite-sized activities to work through, many of which are accompanied by audio by experts from the NHS Elect coaching faculty.

Learning outcomes:

When completed, the learning outcomes associated with this online learning are:

  • A clear understanding of what mentoring is (and is not)
  • Confidence in understanding and discussing alternative development interventions, such as coaching
  • An understanding of the benefits of both being a mentor, and of mentoring others
  • Awareness of the key skills you will need to deploy when engaged in mentoring
  • An ability to plan effective mentoring meetings and discussions
  • An understanding of the key contractual issues to discuss when deciding whether to mentor someone